Aesthetic Transactions

Pragmatist Philosophy through Art and Life

Pan Gongkai, artist, President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Pan Gongkai
Born in Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China, 1947.
Lives and works in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.


Pan Gongkai's research on The Road of 20th Century Chinese Art, especially in the field of Self-Awakeness and the Modern Transformation of Chinese Art, has attracted national and international attention.Through a series of cross-discipline conferences on〝Modern Transformation of Chinese Art,〞he conversed with top scholars from a broad range of fields including Philosophy, Ideological History, Anthropology, Chinese Studies, Modernity, and others.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2011: Still Water Flow Deep, Macau Museum, Macau, China

2011: Still Water Flow Deep, Tokyo Art University Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2006-2009: Still Water Flow Deep Tour, Shanghai Art Museum; Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Museum; Guangdong Museum of Art; Shandong University of Design and Art Museum; and other cities; China

2008: Still Water Flow Deep, Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan.

1997: Pan Gongkai Solo Exhibition, UNESCO Paris, Paris, France

1993: Pan Gongkai Solo Exhibition, Chinese Art Center, San Francisco, USA

1993: Pan Gongkai Solo Exhibition, Chinese Ink Painting Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1992: Pan Gongkai Solo Exhibition, Philippe Gallery, New York, USA


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2011: Snow-Melt, Venice Biennale, Chinese Pavilion, Venice, Italy

2011: China Vista—Art Exhibition on the 100 Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution, NAMOC, Beijing, China

2011: Art Exhibition on the 30th Anniversary of China National Painting Institute, NAMOC, Beijing, China

2011: Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Invited Exhibition—Zhejiang University Museum of Art, Hangzhou, China

2010: NAMOC Collection of Chinese Painting on Fans, Shoto Museum of Art SHIBUYA, Tokyo, Japan

2010:  Chinese Art Invited Exhibition, Shanghai Expo, Shanghai, China

2010:  ZAOXING—CAFA Faculty Work Exhibition (Fine Art), CAFA Museum, Beijing, China

2010:  China National Painting Institute Ink Painting Invited Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China.

2010: Paint for China—CAFA Faculty Work Exhibition (Chinese Painting), NAMOC, Beijing, China

2010: Chinese Painting Masters Exhibition, Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

2010: Chinese Painting Biannual, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

2010: China-ASEAN Art Exhibition, ASEAN Expo, Nanning City, China

2010: About Ink Painting—Dialogues with Contemporary Artists, Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum; Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art; China

2009: Art Exhibition on the 60th Anniversary of P.R. China, NAMOC, Beijing, China

2009: Open View—Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Artworks, Czech National Museum of Art, Prague, Czech Republic

 2008: New Context of Ink Painting—Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin; Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden; Germany

2008: The 14th Contemporary Chinese Painting (Flower and Bird) Invited Exhibition, China National Painting Institute Museum, Beijing, China

2008: Accumulation-New Eastern Spirit, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

2008: Ink-ism—Sunshine International Art Annual Exhibition, Sunshine Museum, Beijing, China

2008: Ever-lasting—Exhibition of Masters of Calligraphy and Painting from Zhejiang (Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary), Zhejiang Province Museum, Hangzhou, China

2008: The Road of Chinese Painting in New Time, NAMOC, Beijing, China

2008: 2008 National University Faculty Chinese Painting Invited Exhibition, National Painting Institute Museum, Beijing, China

2007: The 3rd National Chinese Painting Exhibition, NAMOC, Beijing, China

2007: Chinese top 100 Painting Exhibition, Jiangsu Province Museum of Art, Nanjing, China

2005: Landscape: Century and Heaven—the 2nd Chengdu Biannual, New International Expo Center, Chengdu, China